Beginning your blogs

 It is time to dive into the world of blogging. Please review the class handouts available in our online course. They provide specific instructions and explain how you will be graded. The blog calendar tells you when you need to post. Don’t miss deadline!

For those of you who need some help with the technology, I’ve also included some  links to tutorials. You can read up on posting to WordPress, learn to add video and make links. Use WordPress’ 24/7 support for help with photos, too.

If you are interested in ethics, visit Cyberjournalist for a blogger’s code of ethics. For more on legal issues and blogging, head over to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Remember, your blog should be about some aspect of journalism. Here’s an example in our question for the day: Is Jon Stewart good for democracy? Watch the video and join our poll.




About journalistjan

I am a former daily journalist who has spent nearly 20 years teaching future journalists.
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