Slideshow Journalism – Good Idea for Today’s Online Journalists?

Investigative reporter Bill Dedman of

Bill Dedman

MSNBC investigative reporter Bill Dedman published his in-depth investigative report on Huguette Clark last March (2010) as a slideshow presentation, rather than the more traditional 2,500 word story.

Later that month he tells Poynter Editor Steve Myers in an interview that,

The slide show would be an experiment, a way to see if in-depth reporting could be presented in a way that would reach far more people. . . And with 78 million page views, that’s more than any other story on

John Leach agrees with Dedman saying, “There’s a voracious audience demand for slideshows” in an interview with Rosland Gammon.

Do you agree with Leach and Dedman?  Try looking through Dedman’s slideshow (same link as in the first paragraph), and then read through the written story version.  Then, if you can brave the comment box, post a response below to let us know what you think!

–Liz Anderson

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