GeoSocial Networking

Social media has been appearing everywhere in our world–in classrooms, newscasts, television shows, among many other areas.  Now, there is a new phenomenon popping up: geosocial networking.  Not only can people “tweet” where they are, they can use their Smartphone to update their location using satellites.  People have been using programs and sites such as Foursquare on the iPhone, Gowalla, Loopt, and Brightkite to alert friends about their whereabouts. Businesses are jumping on this by adding their businesses address, to both heighten popularity, and keep up with the craze. These programs are also proving to be helpful in seeing where their target audience is.

This video shows the basic idea of geosocial networking.

Parents are also finding geosocial networking beneficial, although in a different way. In a social media blog “Social Media Today,” the author Sandy Miller says, “. . .you can see where they are checking in to follow where they are, when they arrived and even when they leave.”

Is social media going too far? While the new technology is great, and it’s a fun idea, is there any privacy anymore? — Larina Adler

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2 Responses to GeoSocial Networking

  1. andeeliz says:

    Yes! I have been wondering (ever since I joined Twitter), what the little icon under the posting box meant, to add a location to my tweets.

    It really is amazing how fast technology is expanding, and how companies are finding ingenious ways of slipping into the new “big thing” and using it to communicate in a new way with their audience. For example, when Facebook started to become so popular, companies and brands started to make their own pages and try to entice people to “friend” or “like” them and strike up conversations with them.

    Thanks for this great (and enlightening for me, a Twitter-newbie) post!

  2. adlerlv says:

    Thanks for the comment! I agree, technology is expanding so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up. Even if you focus just on Facebook–how many changes have there been to the news feed layout, privacy settings, “tagging” friends, etc. in the past year? It’s crazy.

    To comment on what you said about businesses and social networking, I took CJ 270 last fall, and we spent a big part of the semester talking about Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and how businesses can benefit from these sites. There are people hired specifically to work on the company’s image in the social media world. We had guest speakers who described their jobs as “sitting on Facebook all day”. I never thought I’d hear that!

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