Russ Feingold Visits University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Russ Feingold, the current Wisconsin Senator, speaks to western Wisconsin constituents concerning upcoming General election at the university’s student center on Sept. 20. Feingold is running as the Wisconsin senatorial candidate as an incumbent having already served for 18 years. Feingold and many supporters fear a great switch in the majority in Congress. However, Feingold’s many supporters, of many diverse ages, rally on Sunday to show their support for their of their current senator.

Feingold expressed his main concerns in issues like the economy, affordable public education, and Wisconsin jobs. He comments passionately on his past legislation, including the latest Recovery Act, stimulus package, and health care bill. He boasts of his support for these legislation and stands by them as an independent representative. As an example of this, he refers to his vote against the Patriot Act in 2001.   He states that he believes in a bipartisan effort, but most importantly, stands as an independent, and is willing to vote against the party in purpose of representing his constituents. Because of this, Feingold states he has never had an easy election, and that this one proves no different.

The senator speaks directly to the university students and their impacting role in past elections.  He rallies for their support and praises this particular university’s education. Feingold offers motivation to the students and reminds them of their concern and necessary participation in the November elections.

Feingold’s opposition, Republican candidate, Ron Johnson, refuses to appear for the opportunity of an open debate, a fact that Feingold consistently refers to as Johnson chooses not to participate in many other open debates in the state, including OshKosh, his hometown. However, Feingold uses the lack of Johnson’s presence to tell his supporters that it is difficult for the constituents to make a proper decision when the opposition isn’t even present or willing to debate.

The senator’s voting history and current positions on issues can be found at his website:

-Rachel Clark


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