Unemployment at its Worst

According to FoxNews.com unemployment is at its worst since February. Unemployment was shown to have risen in more than half of the U.S states. To read the article click the link: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/09/21/unemployment-rises-states-worst-showing-february-hiring-remains-weak/

I find this statistic to be scary, as I will be facing the work force in the next two years along with many other classmates. I will find myself in line for unemployment or living in my parent’s basement if the unemployment rate continues to rise.  

According to newstimes.com, the head of Government M. Jodi Rell’s economic council, Klepper-Smith said, “The key recovery lies in consumer spending, which hasn’t been occurring at the levels needed.”

To read more click on the link: http://www.newstimes.com/business/article/State-sheds-jobs-unemployment-rate-climbs-667205.php

As more people are becoming unemployed the less they will spend. It’s complete logic. More jobs need to be offered to raise consumer spending.  Without these jobs, the unemployment rate is going to continue to increase. I never understood the meaning when my parents would tell me how lucky I am to have a job. After reading a couple articles about the devastating percent of unemployment I now know how fortunate I am to be upholding a job. However, my job will only take me through college. The hopes of finding a career after college is an obstacle I must overcome. Do you feel the rise of unemployment will affect young pursuing journalist?

To see a recent unemployment graph please visit: http://www.tradingeconomics.com/Economics/Unemployment-Rate.aspx?Symbol=USD

-Brooke Butkus

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