Global and Network Journalism- The beginning of collaborative reporting.

In today’s journalistic society, stories and broadcasts can be immediately updated through a technologically sophisticated international network, utilizing internet news databases, blogs, instant messaging (i.e. text messaging) and especially citizen journalism.

Global journalism merges the craft of writing and reporting with this emerging, technologically enhanced network around the world to keep news reports as timely and updated as possible. Network journalism, as a branch of global journalism itself, is a collaboration of correspondents to contribute to a single report or broadcast. Professional journalists may come to rely on citizens of the public to help supply any undiscovered information on breaking news stories and investigations. YouTube even has its own news and politics blog, CitizenTube, to provide breaking news to YouTube enthusiasts via citizen journalism.

Here is an example of a post on CitizenTube:

Jo Bardoel and Mark Deuze wrote Network Journalism: Converging Competences of Old and New Media Professionals, detailing the growing correlation between journalism and the internet, as well as introduce ideas of network journalism. Learn more about Jo Bardoel and Mark Deuze following the links above. Bardoel’s affiliations with the University of Amsterdam and Deuze’s personal blog are included.

-Jake Butkovich 

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