Local and Student Journalists Cover Feingold Rally

Sen. Russ Feingold spoke at a rally concerning the General elections in November in the University of Eau Claire’s student center Sunday, Sept. 20. On the scene, were local reporters from WEAU and student reporters for The Spectator, the campus newspaper.

“He told the crowd Western Wisconsin and students are a part of the backbone of his campaign,”

as stated from the WEAU coverage.

Feingold gave his speech, addressing the students and their important role in the upcoming elections. The senator referred to the importance of public education and ensuring jobs for graduating students.

Throughout the speech, reporters took pictures of the excited crowd, holding the many blue Feingold signs that carried the Wisconsin state motto: Forward.

When Feingold had finished his address, he shook the hands of eager supporters and responded to the reporters in the back of the room. They each took their turn speaking with the incumbent while inquiring about reactions of the many attendees.

More about this event and the Feingold’s campaign can be found on the senator’s website.

-Rachel Clark


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