Reporter-editor relationship- Tension over time

“For centuries, reporters have had a love-hate relationship with their editors…reporters see editors as “the boss”—barking orders, spiking stories and mangling their exquisite prose” said Tim Harrower of Inside Reporting.

At times, editors appear to be taskmasters always concerned with deadlines.

Terry Casey– a former production and literary magazine editor said:

“What reporters don’t understand is the fierce time pressure that editors are operating under now. The deadlines are getting shorter and shorter because everything is electronic.  The writers think you are messing with their creative process and feel only they know their work.”

Reporters may not realize editors need to orchestrate copy editors, typesetters, proofreaders, designers, and illustrators all while trying to make a press deadline. If any one of these tasks takes too long, the deadline will be compromised.

Editors are not only time oriented, but also focused on producing quality work.  Editors have high standards for complete and precise writing.  In the end both reporters and editors are working for the same cause: good reporting.

— Clair Casey

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