How much practice does writing take to make perfect?

Words play a significant role in the lives of many; they are present in any setting in some shape or form, and they serve as a tool to guide us through wherever life may take us.  Being able to read and write well is a crucial skill that is utilized daily by everyone who is able.

Yet there are many people who can barely write without pausing to think about spelling, punctuation, and proper sentence format.  These each help make up the concept widely known as grammar.  If we are surrounded as abundantly by words as the air exists, and we are constantly practicing these skills, then what is missing?

Meghna answers this question in one way quite easily by asking more questions.  “How did you learn to speak? By listening to others.  How did you learn to walk?  By watching others? How did you learn to eat and drink? By seeing how others do it.  So how will you learn to write? By reading!”  However, if the answer is supposedly as simple as observing, then why is writing with proper format and grammar such a difficult task?  Words are available everywhere for observance; church hymnals, greeting cards, novels, e-mails, text books, etc.  Words entertain, help tell people what to do, where to go, what to say, and so on.  We are completely surrounded.

Practice can very well make perfect, but what exactly is enough practice to become a skilled reader and writer?

-Caitlin Diedrich

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