Accurate Journalism

Journalism has taken new form in the 21st century from the time when news was written on clay tablets, but can everything be accurate? 

Internet sites, blogs, television, newspapers, magazines, twitter, social networks, and word of mouth are just some of the portals people use to learn about the most current events. But does every form of media contain verifiable information?

In a blog entitled “Effective Journalism – Education for the 21st Century” Virgil Magee writes that this “has changed the face of communication and blurred the lines between reporting facts and storytelling.”

He adds, “Many writers find it very difficult to withhold their personal feelings from their writing.”

Magee continues to write about what a journalist should be doing and why it is important that they are not biased.

As an aspiring journalist myself, I realize how important it is to keep my facts straight. I also think it is partially up to the reader to check out information they read or hear about because not every source is going to be truthful. However, I want to be a writer that has all her facts straight so that my readers can trust me; therefore, I will be checking my facts twice.

— Michelle Enger

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