iReporting For CNN

IReporting is a growing phenomenon which invites people from around the globe to share breaking news from their home town and discuss current situations. CNN launched a iReport in Aug. 2006 after Zone Fan, which fans shared pictures and video from the 2006 FIFA World Cup, was a huge hit. IReporting took off after the video by Jamal Albarghouty shoot video of the VA Tech Massacre on his cellphone and posted it onto CNN. IReport became so big, CNN chose to host iReport For CNN. This program is a weekly half hour show that plays videos and pictures by iReporter. Michael Holmes host the show giving viewers all access to the global and national issues. Th show host exclusive eyewitness interviews from the iReporters.

The project allows readers to view what they want to see and read about. For example someone from Eau Claire may want to read about the river flooding. They can go to the iReport section on CNN and find videos, testmonies, and pictures of what happening around them about the flooding. However if your not from the Midwest, you might want to look at something different. CNN has a wide variety of topics one can choose to report on. They have an assignment desk for those wanting to share them on CNN.

CNN prides itself in not editing or changing any of the videos or pictures posted on iReport. Everything you see on the page is all from people around the globe sharing their take on international, national, or local news stories. When signing up for iReport, CNN has a list of guidelines one must follow. CNN’s logo only goes on videos they have vetted. You have to understand that the videos are not the views supported by CNN.

-Kortney Holbrook

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