Journalism in Eau Claire

As CJ students, it is vital to explore journalism, especially in our beautiful corner of the world – Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  This region inhabits several talented writers and journalists.  They work for many different publications in the area, serving the public by providing the news.

First, is a popular, edgy magazine — VolumeOne.  This publication includes information for all different kinds of readers.  Something for you. And you.  And you.  After turning the artsy front page, find coverage on culture and entertainment in the Chippewa Valley.  The contributors to this paper are all local writers, writing about local talent and local ideas.  Movies, restaurants, parks, community, theater, and much more, all with an artistic feel.  Check out this free magazine at a newsstand near you or online!

For news coverage specific to the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, one could pick up an issue of The Spectator.  Student writers balance their homework and deadlines to share the news with fellow students around the Eau Claire campus.  They cover university news, sports, human interest and currents stories, opinion, and more to satisfy its students.  It’s a paper worth taking interest in!

Lastly, is The Eau-Claire Leader-Telegram, for the more serious individual.  It is your typical newspaper, based in downtown Eau Claire.  Beyond regional and community news, it also covers national and world news.  They work hard to provide accurate and factual news for its large audience in a dozen Wisconsin counties.  This paper provides excellent examples of great local journalism, too.

So dig in. Pick up a piece of Eau Claire journalism. Become an informed journalist, learning about current events while learning some journalism style and format by looking at real examples at your fingertips!

After you do a little research on these papers, tell us:  Which one is your favorite?

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2 Responses to Journalism in Eau Claire

  1. feuerbkl says:

    I love VolumeOne. They manage to mix humor with things that are actually relevant in our lives, plus it’s worth picking it up just to look at the cover!

  2. laurielboettcher says:

    Catchy headline!

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