new AOL Network “PatchU” popular among journalism schools

AOL’s new initiative called PatchU is said to be a successful program for college journalists. PatchU, created by Patch, is said to offer internship and coursework opportunities to students under guidance of professional Patch editors.

According to the president of Patch, Warren Webster, “Patch is committed to building strong relationships with colleges and universities that are preparing the journalists who will define the new media landscape.” Webster and his management team are headquartered in New York City.

According to a release, students can be a part of an internship where Students learn to write stories, cover events, shoot and edit videos, and also write stories online using Patch’s management system.  This release also said that students can be a part of independent study projects or they can also get paid for freelancing at Patch publications.

A main aspect of Patch is their hyperlocal journalism aspect, which a group of Patch editors talk about:

Should the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus get involved in the Patch programs or does our department of journalism already have enough opportunities for students to get hands on experience of real life journalism? What do you think?

-Chris Flores

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