Aid Promised to Haiti is Yet to be Seen

It has been a little over eight months since Haiti was hit with the tragic earthquake which destroyed millions of homes and communities around the small poverty-struck country.  Unfortunately, millions of Haitians are still homeless and living in camps, simply waiting for the aid which has been promised to them from the U.S.

There has been $1.15 billion that the U.S. has promised the Haitian people to help with re-building their tragedy stricken country.  You might ask yourself, why haven’t any of the people seen the money?

The U.S. has already spent $1.1 billion on aid for the people of Haiti, but without “long-term funds”, the aid cannot be distributed as needed.  According to officials in the State Department, the reason that the aid has yet to be seen by the people in need is due to “disorganization and lack of urgency.”

As far as the aid getting to Haiti, there is no set answer on when it will arrive.  Haitians are losing faith in the U.S.  Many say they thought that everything would be taken care of by now, and as of late, Haitians think that nothing will ever be done.

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