The Associated Press Stylebook- “The Journalists Bible”

The Associated Press began producing The Associated Press Stylebook  in 1953. The AP Stylebook was created due to the need for consistency in style preferences in journalism.

The AP Stylebook consists of many different sections. The main section is the A to Z listing of styles that is accepted within the journalism industry. The next few sections are Business Guidelines, Sports Guidelines and Style. These are reference sections for journalists in those specialties. The other sections contain more information on the general standard for punctuation, photo captions and editing marks.

With the arrival of social media in the industry, the 2010 AP Stylebook has created a new Social Media Guidelines section. It includes information on tools such as, Facebook and Twitter. The section also describes how to apply social media to work and how to verify sources through them.

In addition, the 2010 AP Stylebook contains 42 new entries related to social media. For example, app, blog, RSS, click-through, etc., are all new entries.

The AP stylebook is not just updated annually in print, but also available alternatively. The 2010 AP Stylebook is now available as an iPhone and iPod touch app . As well as being available online in full.

Popularity of the AP Stylebook allowed its way into social media. Facebook includes many groups called “The AP Stylebook is my Bible”. The AP Stylebook also has a Twitter account, where simple questions on AP style can be answered. Learn more about the AP Stylebook on social media with the links above.

-Ellie Hackenmiller

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3 Responses to The Associated Press Stylebook- “The Journalists Bible”

  1. heisickp says:

    If your links aren’t working, check the layout of the link. When you go in to edit your blog, highlight your links and click the link box. You may have repeated the http:// code at the beginning of the link. It happened to me too 🙂

  2. Greg M says:

    And it’s also been parodied too!!/FakeAPStyleBook is a good laugh when you’re bored.

  3. laurielboettcher says:

    Dang! This was my next blog topic! I love that AP is embracing social media and setting a positive example for journalism professionals. I also love the fact that they are offering an app – looking forward to when the offer a non-iPhone specific app so I can purchase it myself. Not only would it be at my fingertips all the time, I could save a few trees.

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