It’s Never a Dull Moment with the Blugolds

With all the different events during the past week of the Blugolds Homecoming there is never a dull moment. The Spectator’s Breann Schossow was on the scene getting the inside story about this year 2010 Homecoming King and Queen Candidates and the different events.

Each year Homecoming at UWEC takes a lot of planning, but every year it turns out great and the students, staff and alumni have a blast. There are activities for all ages ranging from three-legged races, to window painting and sand sculptures.

Senior Megan Challoner, is looking forward to this years Homecoming and says:

“Homecoming is an opportunity to see lots of spirit, including costumes and face paint at the football game.”

Getting involved and just being a part of the festivities on campus allows the students to know what is going on in their backyard. Attending the football game to support fellow peers on the team or with the BMB is one way to show spirit during this fun-filled week. The UWEC talent doesn’t stop there though.

Homecoming 2010

Attending events like Yell like Hell or Varsity Night Live, shows some more talent of UWEC students. On the last night of homecoming at Varsity Night Live the suspense is over with the announcement of the Homecoming King and Queen. All week-long the Candidates for Homecoming King and Queen campaign to try to win the votes of their peers.

More information about the Blugolds spirit and their homecoming can be found on the Spectators website.

~Devon Lehr

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