Social Responsibility vs. Libertarian

The media’s ethic codes have been a touchy subject since journalism came to life, but some are now saying that media ethics could be more important now than ever before.

Because there are so many different forms of journalism now, there are also many different opinions about how far a journalist can go before they have “crossed the line”. An article found on Suite101 suggests there are two types of ethics within the media now– The Social Responsibility System for News Reporting and The Libertarian System for News Reporting.

The Social Responsibility System of News Reporting is purely there to benefit the public. A good journalist’s job is to serve the public the truth. They must serve the truth unbiased and on a variety of different subjects affecting the public.

The Libertarian System for News Reporting is also restricted, but there are many more possibilities when it comes to freedom of  the press. Journalists are not held back by government, ethics, or society’s opinion. The Libertarian System tends to be more favored by journalists (especially in the West) because less constraints on their writing and reporting.

For more information on the two different ethics systems, visit

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