Lebron James’ Decision

Lebron James chose to change teams this summer and move to the Miami Heat. I have no problem with his change of scenery, but I do have a huge issue with the way he chose to break this story. Most sports stories are just released and are able to be found out through ESPN any other news article. But Lebron James thought he was so important that he could take up an hour of prime time television to nationally announce his choice of NBA team for the upcoming year.

Lebron getting interviewed during his TV special "The Decision"

Should journalists really allow this to happen? This was aired on ESPN, a news network. Should they allow a superstar to control what they air? I think this was a blatant misuse of journalism. If you think about it, all this really is is a scheme to get a couple more bucks into Lebron’s pocket. At this point does he really need more money? I think this is a perfect example of why celebrities and sports stars should stay out of the journalism or breaking news business. And I know this happened awhile ago, but I definitely think it’s something that we as a public and also we as aspiring journalists should look at with a certain amount of shame.

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