Newseum: A Museum for Journalism

The Newseum, located in Washington, D.C., is a museum decided to all things journalism.

The museum opened in 2008 and is not something to be missed. The Newseum is home to a piece of the Berlin Wall, a memorial for 9/11, and a memorial for journalists who have died on the job. There is also a permanent Pulitzer Prize Photographs gallery, along with many other changing and permanent exhibits.

According to the Newseum website, the Newseum houses the set of ABC’s “This Week with Christiane Amanpour”. It also features an interactive NBC news studio, where you can record yourself acting as journalist. There are many other interactive features as well.

Another interesting part of the Newseum is that they have the front page of 500 newspapers from all over the world on display each day.

 The Newseum also has many theaters with shows, from a 4-D show about the history of journalism, to a video about sports reporting. Tickets for the Newseum can be purchased on their website.  

-Jolene Mertens

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2 Responses to Newseum: A Museum for Journalism

  1. hansenks3891 says:

    This place looks really interesting!

  2. feuerbkl says:

    That sounds really awesome! Good post Jolene! 🙂

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