Slideshow Journalism in Sports Gains Popularity

As the technology and affordability in advanced cameras continue to rapidly improve, the use of slideshow journalism in sports is reaching new heights every day.

Since the creation of the internet, news outlets like the Green Bay Press Gazette have covered sporting events with pictures and posted them online.

However, with the way technology has evolved, photographers such as the Green Bay Press Gazette’s Evan Siegle can take an infinite amount of pictures and make a slideshow, like this one featuring pictures from the October 3, 2010 Packers vs. Lions football game.

With that being said, advanced cameras aren’t necessarily a requirement for people to create their own sports slideshow. With the help of 12-megapixel and 10X optical zoom digital camera (purchased at an Office Max), I created my own slideshow featuring pictures from the Packers’ 2010 training camp.

People from individuals posting pictures for their own use to businesses that make a profit from shooting sports pictures have begun participating in the slideshow journalism adventure, and even high school newspapers are going online to post their sports pictures.

Most major newspapers now use slideshows, including the New York Times, which combines pictures from photographers across the country to create the Sports Replay in pictures.

As technology advances, more and more people will begin posting their pictures of sporting events online. Whether or not it makes the newspapers or news websites, it is still photojournalism if you make your pictures viewable to the public.

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