Black Out? No, A Plaid Out

The Major League Baseball regular season has ended. Fans of the eight remaining teams know what that means, PLAYOFFS! 

There is a rich tradition in baseball dating back well over 100 years. However, the team entering the playoffs with more regular season wins than any other American League has only been around since 1998. That team is the Tampa Bay Rays.

There is one big problem. Manager Joe Maddon and his Rays team can’t seem to fill the seats at Tropicana Field, where the Rays play their home games. The Rays had trouble filling their seats for much of the season. The team even resorted to giving away 20,000 free tickets for their Sept. 29 game against the Baltimore Orioles. The giveaway comes on the heels on a couple of Rays’ players’ dissatisfaction with the fan turnout.

Have you heard of sports teams trying to get their fans to all dress in a certain color, for example a “Black Out” as a form of intimidation?  Maddon wanted Tampa fans to do one better.  Following last week’s game against the Orioles when the Rays donned plaid-brimmed hats, Maddon asked the fans to create a “Plaid Out” atmosphere for the home playoff games.

Some may call it silly, or dumb. However, I think this is a very creative way to motivate the fans and players in Tampa Bay. If nothing else, it is sure to bring some laughs from people if it does in fact happen. 

 -Dan Peterson

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