Social Media Prompts Journalism Evolution

Journalism’s duty is to give us the information we need to stay a free and liberated people. That will never change; however, the way it is being done is changing faster that you can spell Twitter.

Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube keep us all connected and make it embarrassingly easy to share content with family, friends, community–the rest of the world. With these tools becoming so entwined with our everyday lives it impossible for journalism not to enter the realm of social media and evolve itself to better distribute news stories. Here are some statistics:

Over 2.6 million people follow the NY Times on Twitter; over 3.5 million follow CNN. There are more than 500 million active users on Facebook, and YouTube exceeds 2 billion views each day.

This is where people are and this is where people now look for news, information and media.

Journalism is evolving. These social media tools are changing how news is being distributed to the masses and it is doing it in a faster, more direct and convenient way.

It is progress, yes, but it is always important to question if it is the right direction to go.

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