Twitter and Journalism

Twitter seems to be the biggest communication and networking tool of the moment. Whether you follow your buddies, your favorite sports teams, or a celebrity, you can find an incredible amount of people and information on Twitter. Many journalists have also embraced Twitter, but there are questions about its use for journalistic purposes.

Lots of reputable journalists and news sources have verified Twitter accounts. David Gregory, host of NBC’s Meet the Press, has one. The Washington Post has one too. Sports journalism is particularly popular on Twitter, where writers such as The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Greg Bedard tweet countless times during games.

But some believe Twitter is not the proper avenue for journalists due to its lack of a sufficient editiorial process and potential tediousness. The video below features a story that shows how these concerns can indeed make Twitter a detriment to journalists.

I was surprised to find a story from February of this year that said teens were not using Twitter with any regularity. If the young, tech-savvy people are not using Twitter, then does it really serve a purpose for journalists to use it?

Obviously Twitter does have its benefits; it’s easy to use, far-reaching, and can be updated in mere moments. But the drawbacks have been discussed too.

What do you guys think of Twitter? Do you use it, and if so, for what purposes? Leave your comments below.

– Chris Reinoos

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