Smartphone Journalism

It seems that today almost everyone has a smartphone.  Between all the different features these phones have, there is practically nothing they can’t do.  Smartphones are turning into portable newsrooms.  Phones have cameras, can shoot video, have full QWERTY keyboards, and have internet access.  Some phones can even create Wi-Fi hotspots for other devices.





However convenient these phones are, we cannot rely on them alone.  They can come through in a pinch and for breaking news, but the quality will obviously not be as good as a real camera and taking time to write out the story at the newsroom.  Here is an example of a CBS producer shooting an entire story on his iPhone.

The Fragility of Pocket Journalism demonstrates how practical, or impractical, this would be in the real-life.

On the other end of the subject is the accessibility of journalism to everyone.  With access anywhere a phone can go.  This is definitely a plus for busy people who are always on the go.  It also abolishes the need for actual paper news sources; whether this is good or bad is yet to be determined.

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One Response to Smartphone Journalism

  1. andreatrungale says:

    This is a novel topic. People, even journalists, likely aren’t sure how to feel about it yet. I think that smart phones can be an advantageous tool for reporting blurbs while on the scene. However, in depth coverage should not be attempted through smart phones. I think the information tweeted or texted by smart phone should be supplemented with more in depth information.

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