The Challenges of Being a Female Sports Broadcaster/Journalist

Why is it harder to maintain and achieve credibility as a Sports Broadcaster or Sports Journalist when you are a woman? Sports television has been a domain for mostly male sports figures, male broadcasters, and male viewers, but is changing since the past decades.

We always run into coments like, “I won’t say women belong in the kitchen, but they don’t belong in front of a camera talking about sports.” This quote was said by a New York Mets announcer Keith Hernandez to his massage therapist, and is something that really represents what some people think about this subject. 

According to Louis O. Schwartz, President of the American Sportscaster Association, women have come a long way “from just another ‘Barbie-on-the-air’ image to complement the sportscasting done by men, to today’s qualified and respected professionals hired for her skills and knowledge.”

Here are the twelve women who pioneered the era of female sports broadcasters and journalists. This background of  these twelve women shows us where it all came from, and hopefully where it is heading in the future.

What does it really take to be a female sportscaster?

As Leslie Visser says, “The three most important things for a woman sportscaster are knowledge of the game, a passion for sports and the profession, and the stamina to struggle.”

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