Are the Days of Free News Over?

Many people rely on the Internet for news. Whether it’s during a break at work, a story a friend just informed us of, or a breaking news story that’s not being aired on television yet. No matter the reason, the most-frequently visited news websites are free.

And that might be the problem. Combining the increase in traffic to their online publications with the recession, news outlets see the opportunity to create a pay wall, which will generate some much-needed revenue for these news outlets.

Such a switch is necessary, given the technological age that we live in. Print advertising revenues have disappeared with the recession, classified ads have disappeared with the emergence Craigslist, and online advertising doesn’t generate enough revenue to support the news outlet.

While there may be outrage by consumers in protest to paying for something they used to get for free, not all companies agree. Google, for example is working with the newspaper industry to construct pay walls.

– Dan White

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