The Future of Twitter: Mass Media Monster or Attentive Listener?

When Twitter exploded in popularity only a couple years ago, it seemed that its primary function was for young adults to narrate their lives. These days, it almost seems as Twitter has evolved beyond a social networking website, and has turned into a tool for adults to spread news and useful information faster than ever before.

So where did all of the narrative “tweets” go?

According to recent social networking surveys, they are still there, and are still posted in great abundance. In fact, they are still the dominating practice on Twitter.

Research provided by Sysomos reveals that 71% of tweets are being ignored, left with zero replies, and zero “retweets.” The research company, Sysomos Inc., generates business intelligence by collecting mass amounts of data from social networking websites.

The big picture shows that of the 1.2 billion tweets that were examined, 72 million of them were retweets, 92 percent of which happened within the first hour of the original post.

Other recent surveys conducted by Hubspot, a company who also develops traffic-tracking software, shows that active Twitters users are steadily Tweeting and generally use Twitter’s features. The full report on Twitter’s growth by Hubspot also includes data on exactly how the active users are becoming active, using all of Twitter’s features.

This is where we, the users of Twitter, get to make our own realisations about the relevance of our Tweets. Are they helpful tips to add to the news feed, or are they remaining as mere 140-character glimpses into our lives?

Article, found here:

Why are 7 out of 10 tweets being disregarded? Take a look at what Tweets you are following. Take a look at which of your Tweets are being followed.

Is Twitter the fastest news feed in history, or is it the biggest landfill for the people’s rants? It should be interesting to see where 2011 takes Twitter.

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