Website monitors political candidates’ changing views

Perpetually Public Data Project archives the websites of candidates running for Congress in 2010. Voters can stay up to date on politicians’ positions by viewing official websites of the candidates themselves. Perpetually, as it’s been called by founder and CEO, Darrell Silver, allows viewers to share their findings with other viewers as well.

After entering the website, visitors may choose a candidate to follow. That candidate’s official websites are documented and can be viewed as a photo or visited individually. A time line shows progressive changes to that website.

Silver makes note of practical uses for Perpetually in his blog. He also posted the following YouTube video announcing the project and displaying how to use the site.

The Wall Street Journal cites that, though this is the first website to archive those of political candidates, it’s not the first of its kind. ProPublica, and investigative journalism outlet, created ChangeTracker last year. Working similarly to Perpetually, ChangeTracker monitors The application may also be used to create tracks and stay up to date on other sites as well.

Jake Butkovich

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