Moving from Print to Screen

iPad with NYT content

Many people turn to the web to get their news. The excess of the internet allows convenience to the readers. They can get news on the go, waiting in line, or sitting on a plane by downloading an iPhone application, and even an iPad application. Several news organizations have an iPhone application that they charge for. The Washington Post has had great success with their iPhone application. They rank fourth on the top paid applications on iTunes.

The iPad was launched earlier this year. The success of the iPhone applications is thought to hopefully translate to the iPad. Apple has yet to announce a pricing plan, said yahoo news.

Recent data has shown the New York Times (NYT) company is seeing increased traffic to their website from mobile users. NYT had an iPad application with limited numbers of stories. They have now launched a full content application that is free for now. Readers will have full access to more than 25 sections of the NYT content, along with content from about 50 blogs. Right now, NYT is looking at a monthly or annually subscription for the application.

NYT is not the only print organization moving from print to screen. According to PoynterOnline journalist, Damon Kiesow, the Wall Street Journal, People magazine, and the Financial Times are moving towards an iPad application. The Columbus Dispatch was able to launch a free iPad application for their print subscribers. Nonsubscribers will have to pay either annually, monthly, or weekly.

It will be interesting to see the progress the iPad will make for print journalism.

-Brooke Butkus

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