Skepticism in the Media

Skepticism in the media is often seen as cynicism. However, being critical of all the information one uses in a story is essential for journalists. Checking facts make is certainly in the job description. Being able to find who to contact and how is imperative to getting stories that are accurate and timely. Be aware however that not everything is always as it seems. This is a clip from an A&E documentary about scam artists. This portion of the film is about Joey Skaggs  a man bent on allowing the media to fool themselves. In this clip you will see several examples of Skaggs’ work. From social therapy to diet commandos, Joey has had one over on major media outlets around the world over and over again. How damaging is it to a media outlet to become victim to an artist like this? Especially since many Americans have grown to distrust media outlets according to a Pew Research Center poll. This should serve as a reminder to all journalists that it takes hours, sometimes days to get it right, but even one small mistake in checking your facts can discredit even the most respected news outlet.

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