Journalism: Dying Industry?

Choosing a major in college is often a family, or even a community affair.  For some college students that choose to go into journalism, they are faced with the usual questions, but also “Why?”.

Skeptics believe that with the growth of online news and social media will come the definite “death” of journalism itself, and the need for a degree altogether. However, college administrators and educators are recognizing this challenge, and takings steps to change those opinions.

Of course, students are still being taught traditional journalism. Professors are combining classic writing methods with new tools, such as personal flip cameras, and social media, such as Twitter. It sure seems to be working for them.

Robert Hernandez, an associate  journalism professor at the University of Southern California says, “These students have signed up for journalism school knowing that’s the climate they’re facing, and they’re not thinking ‘doom and gloom’.”

Students have been using these tools in their real life experiences.  Grad school students from USC spent time in Cape Town, South Africa this summer. They reported  on different topics, including the World Cup, the African National Arts Festival, and other adventures. Here is a collage they created about hip hop in Africa:

Rappers R In Danger

You can view the full blog they created here.

Obviously journalism is still alive and well, especially at USC. Integrating the old and new methods of reporting is developing current journalism students into reporters that can handle it all.

-Larina Adler

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