Newspapers Dead or Alive?

In today’s society, it is very rare to find a person without a computer, cell phone, pager, or some other form of communication. 

With technology getting better and better, it might raise the question of the effect it is having on newspapers.

In today’s economy, many smaller newspapers are dying out, said David Lieberman in an article written for USA Today.

Lieberman also quotes Mike Simonton, who tracks media debt for Fitch Ratings, in the article.

It is possible that San Francisco, Miami, Minneapolis or Cleveland will soon lose its last daily newspaper said Simonton.

A drop in viewers might have something to do with new and faster technology.  New forms of media are being used such as internet search engines, Twitter, blogs; even newspapers have their own websites.  News is becoming easier and faster to attain rather than having to wait a day for a news story to be printed.

Florida Press Association board member, Gerry Mulligan, disagrees with the prediction that newspapers are a dying form of media.  His response to the subject was reported in an interview with a Florida Press staff reporter.

“No way. Our business is changing. The delivery model will look different, but the core role we play is critical to our marketplace and our country,” said Mulligan.

Whether or not newspapers have a problem staying alive, I think there are some ways to enhance readership.  Presenting news in a new format is one way to get viewers back according to Eric Karofsky in his blog.

What do you think?  Are newspapers dying out?  If so, are they worth saving?

-Michelle Enger

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