What defines you as a journalist.

Everyone has written at least one paper in their life.  Some people may have had something of their published in a newspaper or magazine.  But would that classify you as a journalist?  Most people think that journalists are the writers and broadcasters who bring us our news daily.  There are other people out there who consider themselves to be journalists, even though they may only publish something once a week, month or year.  An article on slate.com goes into details asking the question of who are journalists, but the title of the article sums it up, “We’re all journalists now.” 

A recent bill passed in the Senate is also pondering this same question.  How can someone decipher who is a journalist and who isn’t?  The bill will protect someone who is “covered” by journalism in a court of law.  The Washington Post article by Walter Pincus briefly explains the bill and who the government has decided will not be covered by this bill. 

This is an important debate going on through the United States that if decided correctly, could help save hundreds of future journalists from spending time in jail because of the topic they choose to write about. 

What do you think about the idea of finally defining who is and is not a journalist?  Will this help the future of journalism or hinder people from getting into the field? 

Alycia Dziedzic

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