What It Takes to Become a Sportscaster

What does it take to become a sportscaster like the ones you see on ESPN and Sundays during NFL games? There are many “steps”, but I will only be focusing on a few, as reported by the American Sports Association (ASA).

To be a sportscaster, a person must be an avid sports fan.  This means, going to games, reading books, looking at sports pages, listening to broadcasts, etc. A person cannot be an enthusiastic fan; they need to sleep, eat and breathe sports. It’s not as easy or glamorous as it looks. There are alot of things that go on “behind-the-scenes”.

It is definitely a good idea to get a college education, typically 4 years, with a major in communications, radio-tv, broadcast, journalism, etc.

A person must practice constantly! A portable tape recorder is a very valuable asset. One way to practice this is by going to sporting games and sitting in the nosebleeds (I know these seats aren’t the best, but people don’t want others looking at them and thinking “What are they doing?”). Do the play-by-play of the game you’re watching. It is GREAT practice. Joe Buck, a famous sportscaster, said, “There is nothing better in this profession than to do it time and time again. You’re not going to get better in play-by-play unless you’re constantly doing it…that’s the way you get better.”

Listening to other sportscasters is a great way. Not only do you get valuable information and sometimes advice, but you pick up do’s and dont’s.

The following video is made by three college students majoring in broadcasting. It’s kind of corny, but it tells you all about how to become a sportscaster, but their main focus is on practicing ALOT!

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