Juan Williams Terminated from NPR: Justified or not?

These days it can be hard to find an unbiased news story, especially one that involves politics, in the mainstream media. News outlets like FOX and MSNBC are notorious for having political commentators that express views that only highlight one side of any given argument, and while both networks still call themselves “news outlets” it is undeniable that even their regular news segments tend to take a political slant.

So when NPR, which is often seen as having a liberal bias, fired news analyst and Fox News contributor Juan Williams over controversial comments many of his loyal listeners and fans accused the public radio network of letting him go because he expressed a different opinion than his employers held.  NPR CEO Vivian Schiller defended her choice, saying that Williams had a history of making controversial comments and that he was hurting NPR’s image.

Williams later responded to his termination on the Fox News Channel. He and many other media personalities believe that his being fired was an act of censorship, as well as an infringement on his rights to free speech.

Schiller later apologized for how the termination was handled but not for the act itself.

Do you believe that NPR was justified in their termination of Williams? If NPR wasn’t seen as liberally biased news organization would this be as big of a controversy, or do you believe that Williams would not have lost his job in the first place?

–Katie Feuerbach

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