The Rise of Journalism through Facebook

Courtesy Huffington Post

 Facebook has over 350 million registered users. Amongst those users some are journalists – Anderson Cooper, Diane Sawyer, and Katie Couric all have Facebook pages. Not only do they have personal pages but they also have business pages to advertise their work.

 The facts: articles are immediately available with just one click away; facebook can be used as a portal to other sites/ sources for news; the newsfeed (the posts that appear after you login) alerts readers to articles related to their interest; Facebook is more commonly accessed than traditional sites.

How does Facebook impact a reporter’s work? Athletes, politicians, artists and others all have pages. No matter what your interest may be there is a good chance something useful might be available on Facebook.

 Follow this link to see a YouTube discussion on this topic!

 Do you think journalists use Facebook? Are there journalists that don’t find Facebook as useful? Do you think journalists find it easier to get their reports out quicker through Facebook?

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