Tips For Polls and Interviews

With the November election coming up, many reporters need to read political polls and conduct fair interviews to write an accurate and reliable story.

The foremost job of a reporter is to help the public make informed, logical decisions based on accurate, reliable information.

Unfortunately, polls can be misread to give completely different data. Interviews can become skewed and mislead the public. Be as accurate as possible.

The National Council on Public Polls, or NCPP, has a few tips for accurately interpreting a poll.

Staying unbiased while conducting an interview is also a must when reporting on politics. You could lose your credibility instantly with one poorly worded question.

Leslie Rubinkowski of the Poynter Institute has some guidelines for interviewing. Pay close attention to tip No. 11.

Once you are able to correctly conduct and comprehend polls and interview without bias, your political journalism will be taken much more seriously. It will also help the public make informed decisions. 

Ryan Ash

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