Journalism Education– More Useful Than You Think

Created by Michael Higdon

An education in journalism is more than just knowing how to write for newspaper or broadcast. According to Linda Perlstein, the National Education Writers Association‘s public editor, a journalism education can lead you to success in a variety of fields.

Thomas Toch, a former journalist at U.S. News & World Report and Education Week said, “I think there’s plenty of demand for the kind of thoughtful reporting and writing the best journalists do about education or any field.”

Writers with a journalistic education background are creating grant proposals, writing speeches, and research reports for foundations who use the reports to track their spending.

“Countless industries—almost every single profession—have people who do writing, reports, research, white papers and evaluations,” said Ernest Sotomayor, a former Newsday editor.

Well, so much for journalism education dying out due to technology. Looks like it’s going to continue to benefit its students in more ways than one.

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For more information on job options for those who are educated in journalism check out this article on The Education Writer’s Association

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One Response to Journalism Education– More Useful Than You Think

  1. greengirlinc says:

    Thank-you for this post. I remember my wonderful CJ105 professor Dr. G. saying that there would always be a demand for good writers. I do not know exactly where my career will take me, but I don’t think my education will be wasted.

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