Google contributes $5 million towards digital journalism

Image courtesy of Google Inc.

On their official blog Google Inc. announced that they will grant $5 million to non-profit organizations. This investment is aimed to encourage innovations for digital journalism. 

Two million dollars will be given to the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. According to their press release, Knight Foundation’s media innovation projects already include “national media policy, technology innovation, public media transformation and the evolution of the World Wide Web.”

This collaboration emphasizes both their beliefs: journalism as part of democracy.  The importance of digital journalism is emphasized by the President of Knight Foundation, Alberto Ibargüen:

Already, more Americans get their information from the Internet than from newspapers.  That trend will only intensify, making it imperative for our democracy that we find ways to effectively deliver the news and information people require on the new, digital platforms.”

The other $3 million will go to similar partnerships in international countries.

GoogleNews is known for using news aggregators where headlines are collected from different websites.  Is it possible that this donation is Google’s indirect response to accusations of stealing news articles? Whatever the cause for this donation, it definitely will help advance the whole field of journalism as its definition broadens.

Why do you think Google would contribute a role to journalism?

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