Indiana University puts new spin on media day

Most college basketball programs, including the Green Bay Phoenix, use the annual media day to hype up their team, have a meet-and-greet with the players, and give a general overview of what to expect for the season.

On October 6, Indiana University basketball head coach Tom Crean decided to give the reporters that cover the team a taste of what the players go through instead.

Rick Bozich, a reporter for the Louisville, KY-based Courier Journal, provides his account of the workout.

“The Indiana University men’s basketball coaches failed to kill me Wednesday. Not that they didn’t take their best shot,” Bozich quiped.

ESPN’s Pat Forde participated in the workout, saying the next day that his hands were the only part of his body that wasn’t sore.

ESPN blogger Eamonn Brennan said the workout included “a warmup, a plyometrics circuit, sprints, a tire roll, some sled work, and a trip up the Memorial Stadium stairs with another human being on your back.”

With most schools across the country opting to have the media ask the questions, why would Crean do this to the local media?

Perhaps he was trying to silence some of his critics. Bozich stated that Indiana is “sick of hearing that they finished 10-21 last season and lost 11 straight Big Ten Conference games by an average of nearly 17 points.”

If nothing else, reporters will have a better understanding of what goes into a workout at the university … and possibly a pulled hamstring.

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