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A Brief History of Broadcast

From the humble beginnings of American radio in 1906 to the development of satellite radio today, broadcast has undergone enormous changes in a little over a century. Broadcast is ever changing and always exciting. Let’s take a moment to reflect … Continue reading

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Effective Multimedia Journalism

Journalists are beginning to use multimedia stories more and more to present a multi-faceted story to their readers. Rather than readers researching more information about an article on their own, journalists can now present all information while keeping their reader focussed on the writer’s … Continue reading

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Writing Tips for a Profile Story

Writing a profile can be difficult and confusing to new journalists. Profiles can be difficult because the writer wishes to show an accurate portrayal of the person they are profiling without offending them. If you’re curious, the best thing to … Continue reading

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Twitter – A Tool of the Trade

So much for the same old newsroom, now reporters are “tweeting” ledes in 140 characters or less. One hundred forty is the maximum number of characters per “tweet” on and just the right amount to give readers a taste of breaking … Continue reading

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Photojournalism: The power of a photo

Sometimes the photos that accompany a news story are what make it. Photos grab a reader’s attention and have the power to evoke a passion, telling a story words can’t. Some such photos become iconic, such as Kevin Carter’s of … Continue reading

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Restrictions for Female Reporters

Due to a universal norm of patriarchy, women face restrictions and discrimination in the work force.  The field of journalism holds no exception.  Jeremy Scahill, an investigative reporter recently returned from war zone Afghanistan.  He spoke of his experiences and … Continue reading

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How to Write Good Headlines for Twitter

Twitter is a useful social networking tool. Not only can people follow celebrities, athletes and friends, they can also get news they’re interested in by looking at headlines. There are some key steps a person should follow when wanting to … Continue reading

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