Differences between blogging and journalism and how bloggers can learn from journalists

Principles of journalism

Image Courtesy of Report.net

Blogging and journalism are different in many ways, but for bloggers to gain respect among audiences they could learn a thing or two from journalists according to Steve Outing, a contributer for Poynter.com.

According to Outing the main differences between blogging and journalism are:

-Bloggers do not have an editor

Good one

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-Most bloggers don’t carry out their own original reporting

-Many bloggers are not educated on the ethics and traditional news writing theories such as the inverted pyramid.

-Most blogs are highly personal (example of a highly personal blog can be found here).

“Bloggers have much in common with journalists, of course; ergo, they have the same rights to gather information,” said Outing.

I believe that since journalists and bloggers are sending out information to the public, bloggers should have an equal amount of pressure as journalists to be educated on journalistic ethics, accuracy, and news writing.

Do you think bloggers can learn from journalists? If so, in what aspects of journalism do you think they should be educated on?

–Alexis Abrahamsen

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