Podcasts as Online Journalism

There seems to be an element of electronic journalism that is often forgotton — podcasting.  It’s another useful source of news and information.

Podcasting icon from Apple

This is the iPod generation.  And with the iPod comes the podcast revolution.  Podcasting has been around for years, but often is forgotten behind the new glamorous features of the iPod.

So, what exactly IS podcasting?  It is a way to distribute audio and video programming over the Web that is transferred from a computer to an iPod or mp3 player.

Podcasts are used in several ways.

In regards to journalism, they can be sources of news.  One can log onto iTunes, go to the podcast page, and download newscasts from mainstream news providers such as NPR, CBS, ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, and more.  Through these mediums, listeners can subscribe to free newscasts.  This is another handy way to receive news.

Some writers use podcasts for more specific reasons, like communicating journalism issues.  The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication has its own podcast.  It’s weekly, and covers multimedia, data, and modern news.  The University of Florida and The Poynter Institute worked together to create these helpful podcasts.

University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication

UF College of Journalism and Communication

So far, They have over 3o helpful podcasts.  Feel free to listen to them.  Learn a few things.  If you want to find out some tips for young journalists, download this podcast, sit back, and listen to Episode #4.

To learn more on how to manage, create, and explore podcasts, check out the Apple website.  Or check out this video about iTunes and Podcasts.

This is a valuable tool that is reaching people across the world.  NPR alone has 5o collaborative news stations and public radio organizations, affecting many people.  From 2008 to 2009, the podcast audience increased 22%, according to the Podcasting News website reports.

Maybe podcasting will be a new convenient way for you explore the news.

– Karen Hansen

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One Response to Podcasts as Online Journalism

  1. Interesting point – podcasts are so useful, and yet often overlooked.

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