Journalism during the Elections

Photo Curtosy of ABC-CBN

It is no surprise that it is election time. Advertising campaigns are promoted through the use of signs, group support, and television commercials. Candidates are also hungry for media coverage and the exploitation of journalism during election time is extremely common.

Journalists can use a few simple strategies to write detailed articles about the election process.

The first step is to interview the candidates. Generally, they will gladly meet with you with the hopes of gaining media coverage. This can be done by calling their local campaign office to speak with them directly, or one of their campaign managers.

Covering rallies and campaign events is crucial to journalism during election time. Make sure to take pictures of the event and speak to the candidate individually for a more personal article. Getting audience feedback can also be valuable for acknowledging different opinions.

Speaking with local residents, as well as professors and experts, is crucial as well. Feedback from the general public can help readers gain a better idea of the issues of concern.

Reporting during election time is not easy. It takes confidence and perseverance to write an accurate article without biases and candidate manipulation.

The country of Sudan experienced election media coverage for the first time in 24 years in February 2010. During this time, journalists struggled with balanced media coverage and government manipulation while reporting.

-Meghan Reistad

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