Skype broadening journalism interviews

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 Skype is an up and coming resource for journalist because advanced technology is what many sources use to get their news information. By using skype it can put you into a face to face interview by just looking through a web cam.

 Journalist can get their stories a lot quicker through skype because after something happens every journalist wants that interview so they can be the first to publish the story. This source is a more advanced version of facebook and twitter because it not only includes chat but also a more realistic version of a interview through a computer.   

 Skype is cheaper and more convenient then traditional interview methods. For famous people with busier schedules they may find it more convenient for them because they don’t have to travel or neither does the interviewer.  

 Check out this video to show you how skype is used and what it’s used for.

 Do you think skype is appropriate for interviews? Do you think there is some situation that may make skype inappropriate? How many of you use skype on a day to day basis?

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