Fostering Media Literacy

Media literacy is an important tool that is essential for understanding and discerning news from sensationalism and puffery. Media literacy is of growing importance in today’s society. The advent of social networking and cable news services has drastically changed how Americans get their news. Often sensationalism and the celebrity appeal outweigh current events that occur around the world.

                 Journalism is changing as radically as the way news is delivered. This means that journalists have an even bigger responsibility to foster media literacy. Increasing media literacy helps consumers understand what is going on and why, which in turn makes journalists ask better questions. Journalists are the gate keepers of media literacy in a way. Journalists decide on what someone needs to see and hear. Apathetic consumers make for lazy reporting.

 Lazy reporting makes for poor journalism. This often leads to mistakes. Media Literacy is only good if the news being presented is accurate. Media literacy starts with journalists. That means journalists need to hold themselves to a standard about the public where media literacy is concerned.

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