Is TMZ a less credible source than CNN? Is CNN a less credible source than TMZ?

These are two questions that sound similar, but read very differently.  To ask if TMZ is less credible than CNN would basically be perceived as asking if a tabloid news source as credible as a major leading news source? In a twist, to ask if CNN is a less credible news source than TMZ almost sounds like an attack on CNN, to consider to possibly have such low standards.

Recently, I wonder if the news source that provides us with something that so many people love to hear and talk about – that being celebrity gossip and news – really deserves the criticism it gets as a news source. Can’t a news source with a disputably distasteful reputation still have a reputation for being credible?

TMZ is currently known to be the first source of news to report that Michael Jackson died, reporting it before major news sources including the New York Times and of course, CNN.

You can follow TMZ’s Michael Jackson coverage in its entirety here.
Due to the fact that these traditional news sources are at their peak of popularity as a news source, the following statement isn’t necessarily a put-down to the reputations of these news sources.

Instead, it should bring attention to the fact that entertainment-style press has raised the bar due to a generation of Tweeters and Facebook posters, causing the other news sources to fight to keep up.

Did TMZ just get lucky when it won the race to reveal the news about Michael Jackson, or should it gain more respect as a credible news source?

The fact of the matter is TMZ is emerging as a reliable news unit, and although it is only for celebrity gossip and entertainment news, I feel that it is likely that TMZ could soon establish a reputation as a credible news source.

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