Journalists face danger in war zones

The safety of journalists in war zones is not always guaranteed.  In fact, the danger only seems to be increasing.  Reporters for ABC News tell their accounts; journalists have long followed soldiers to war, from war correspondents like Ernie Pyle in World War II to those in the Vietnam War and the first Persian Gulf War. However, Iraq has been the deadliest for journalists.

Reporters in War Zone

Reporters in War Zone

According to ABC News, dozens of journalists have been injured, kidnapped or killed since the conflict in Iraq began.

Even Iraqi journalists can be in danger.  Reporters Without Borders reveals the story of Ahmed Abd al-Hussein.  He received death threats after writing an article about an armed bank holdup in 2009.

Myself being a Mass Communications major who wants to travel, this issue concerns me.  I would like to travel for work without fearing for my safety; or for any coworkers who travel.


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