Travel journalism isn’t a vacation

Travel journalists must perform a balancing act between being writers and photographers, said Tom Uhlenbrock. The photos often take more time and effort than the writing.

“Photography has become 60 percent of what I do,” Uhlenbrock said.

Photojournalism enthusiasts will see this as a plus. The writing enthusiasts may not enjoy a career as a travel journalist.

However, travel journalists can experiment with a variety of different writing styles, according to Andrea Beca. Diary/journal travel narratives, after-the-fact travel narratives, and journalistic travel narratives are all options.

Uhlenbrock does not see travel journalism as the glamorous lifestyle it may appear to be. There is seldom any time for vacationing.

The best pictures come from early and late in the day, allowing little time for sleep, Uhlenbrock said.

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In spite of all this, “It’s the best job on the newspaper,” Uhlenbrock said.

-Andrea Trungale

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One Response to Travel journalism isn’t a vacation

  1. greengirlinc says:

    Like many people, travel journalism is a thought that crossed my mind. It is important to hear the good with the bad. It still may be an idea that I toy with, but I’ll have more balanced view of what is involved in that job.

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