Uganda lifted its ban on CBS after nearly 14 months

Aggrey Awori, the Minister of Information, Communication and Technology, lifted the  nearly 14 month ban of CBS in Uganda on Oct. 23, 2010.

King Ronald Mutebi from

The Uganda Broadcasting Council shut down CBS and three other radio stations in September of 2009. The Council also ordered a to stop all political programming, blaming the stations for a violent outbreak involving the tribal king Ronald Mutebi.

The Broadcasting Council revoked CBS’s broadcasting license for “allegedly breaching the ‘minimum broadcasting standards,'” according to Chris Oborne’s October 2010 article.

CBS began broadcasting again in Uganda on Nov. 2, 2010. However, CBS had to agree to these conditions:

  • CBS has to replace some of its employees,
  • the radio station must move outside of Bulange,
  • CBS must stop all anti-government programming and
  • the station has to change its name.

The lift on the ban will impact candidates in the upcoming 2011 elections in Uganda, Tom Rhodes wrote in his Nov. 2 article. He also wrote that many local journalists thought it was obvious that the opening and closing of the airwaves was directed by the President of Uganda, Yoweri Musenevi. President Musenevi is running for office again in the upcoming elections. However, Chris Oborne’s article indicates that the government of Uganda does not planning to gain anything from the re-opening.

Although CBS is broadcasting again, the station took a hit: several members are dead and Tom Rhodes fears that “CBS may never again broadcast with its former fiery, critical standpoint.”

-Laura Szymanski

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